Tuesday, March 17, 2009

First post

WOOF! This is my very first blog post! Vish(my owner) hates having to update blogs but she wouldnt mind doing it for me! Anyways, on sunday, vish, dutch(vish's sister) and I baked cookies! White chocolate chip macademia nut cookies! Dukes( vish's brother) and his friends LOVED them!

Eggs, flour, butter, white sugar, brown sugar, white chocolate, macademia nuts, salt, baking soda and vanilla! Thats all you need. It was really simple.

I didnt understand what they were doing at first. I kept going round and round the table and then finally vish decided to let me have a look by placing me on the chair.

Everything smelled sooooo good!

Dutchy was helping with the white chocolate. i wanted to help by tasting everything but they didnt let me :(

So i just ended up smelling everything. The cookies turned out nicely.
I am afraid of bubbles.
I dont know if i'll be able to go for the SMU show on saturday because my foot is still not okay yet. I am not supposed to walk around because my ligament is still not intact yet. I CANT WAIT TO START RUNNNING AGAIN!!!!!!!!